Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live". We have got our body as an incredible gift from god. So we need to care a lot about it, as it's very sensitive. We all get body once in our life, now it depends on us that what we do with it and how? We are known with the name of, "The Body Care & Cure" the unisex salon in Lucknow. And we also know that body is not only a composition of matter, but it is destined and conceived as a house of mind and soul i.e. the immature beneath matter. Body is the exposition of the innate, interior-self thus beautifying the body means beautifying to the soul. Our face is a weapon to face the "unraced" i.e. unknown eventualities.

Art is to put everything in its right place', and for The Body Care and Cure this means – artistic proportioning of the body as a whole - right from the nails to the tiny end of a hair; not only from the angle of good looking but as the goodness of total health, through our holistic and aesthetic approach.
The Body care and cure, by Mr. R. S. Bhatia is a unisex beauty salon and spa with a skin care clinic. The Body care and cure is to solve all your problems regarding your skin and provide you a healthy body. For your healthy body we also give yoga classes that are a blessing from our ancestors.
Our dedication to your weight loss goals begins the moment you step into our clinic. Best Dieticine in Lucknow Careful analysis is performed before personalizing each program to meet your unique needs. Our cutting-edge, effortless, easy and affordable treatments are designed for stunning results.

Currently, we have five clinics in Lucknow at different outskirts of the city, and two of our branches are getting revised. We look forward to launch many more clinics covering all over India. Now getting a beautiful skin and a perfect body is no more a dream, when we are with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy our clients. By giving them more than their expectations. We offer you a personalized, flawless and glowing skin, spa, all beauty services and a yoga class, with a guarantee of top quality and standard, with customized treatments designed and specially dedicated for our customers to enjoy. The BCC’S aim is to provide you complete care and cure with a place to total wellness to REVEAL a NEW YOU.

Flaunt a figure that only BCC can help you to have toned and shaped to perfection. We are a team of Cosmetologist, Doctors, Therapists, Dermatologists & Physiotherapists, Physical Trainers, Make-up artist, Dieticians-providing natural, effective, harmless ways to refurbish and maintain health, healthier and glowing skin and even to assist the development towards better consciousness and well being. Our successful track record with our clients makes us the only Slimming gymnasium | Beauty | Fitness Laser | Nails & Unisex Salon center that truly understands your specific needs, for visible, long lasting results.

Our Director

The Body Care & Cure is a warm and friendly beauty & spa center whose team
has high beauty and health standards. We are the best at what we do.

R. S. Bhatia