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Our body weight should be proportionate according to our height & age. But because of various factors, many a times we are not able to control our body weight. Sometimes it is a medical or a genetic problem but most of the time it is sheer negligence. This Weight irregularity causes many health issues like Cardiac Problem, High BP, Arthritis, Strained back, etc. besides making you look older before your actual age and unappealing. The body care and cure ensure better weight management program by reaching out to our experienced dietician and trainer. Whether if you are looking for diet plans for weight loss, and special needs or anything else our professional experts will consider all your needs and then provide you with quality solutions. Each individual body structure is different and based on your medical history or condition our experts will follow a tailored approach to ensure better results.

TBCC the professional Slimming Centre in Kanpur provide you expert advice to the person related to their health and give good nutrients so that people can enjoy their healthy and happy life. We provide the best and suitable tips to make the body look slimmer and sexier. Our Successful record with our customer makes us NO. 1 slimming centre in kanpur that truly understands your desire and specific need and gives you a long lasting result. Our goal has been to keep you in the best of your health so that you can be ready for whatever life has to offer. We deliver best results and are committed to our client and work. We understand how important good health is. Our main motto is "The Client First" and to provide world class standards slimming treatment and manufacturing world class standards quality slimming products to meet international needs. Our highest number of satisfied clients has the body care and cure The No. 1 slimming centre in Kanpur.

With a explosive growth in our weight loss management network across many years, our endeavour has been to maximize the Customer Satisfaction, where special attention is given to reduce body fat, inch loss as well as strengthening of the muscles thereby improving the overall fitness level of an individual.We provide friendly and hygienic environment to all our clients. We also offer in-depth consultation and personalized slimming treatment with the help of our professionally trained & experienced team members.

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What is the booking procedure?

  1. Call us at +91-972 111 2288 to know the availability of artist.
  2. Deposit the advance amount (In most of cases its 25% of total amount).

After depositing advance, you will receive an invoice with detail of booking, Please carry this invoice as its proof of your booking.

How long does the programme take ?

  1. This depends very much on how well you are able to keep to your eating plan and how much weight you need to lose, but a typical programme would take between three to nine months.

How successful are your programmes ?

  1. While we can make no guarantees of success as much of this is in your hands, the fact that more than 60% of our new patients are recommended to us by former patients suggests that we are doing something right!

How long will my makeup last?

  1. You wont believe, our makeup lasts for at least 12 hours irrespective of skin type.

Is hair do included with makeup? What all is included with makeup?

  1. Yes, Hairdo is included with makeup. In fact with any makeup booked you get Nail polish, Draping, Hairdo and Photo shoot complimentary.
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