Makeup tips how to make your eyes look bigger 

Date : 23 July 2016


  1. Apply concealer to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles make your eyes look small and tired, so make sure that your concealer hides the darkness and discoloration, and illuminate your under-eye area. Choose a concealer that is a shade lighter and warmer than your skin to hide purplish or bluish discoloration.
  2. Apply your primer to the lid area before dusting on eye shadow.
  3. Use your eye shadow brush to tap on the eye shadow that you like. For eyes makeup novices, remember that your eyes are divided into the lid, the crease, the brow-bone and the outer V. Ideally, complementary colors are placed with darker color on the lid, a smidge lighter on the crease, shimmery on the brow-bone, and darkest on the outer V. Be sure to blend these colors together using your blending brush, so that a gradient appears.
  4. Use eyeliner and line the upper lash-line. If you’re not too sensitive or have a steady hand, try tight-lining, this means lining inside the lash-line. Depending on the shape of your eyes, you can also line the entire lower waterline, or just line the outer half, to avoid getting that droopy or sleepy look.
  5. Curl your lashes and pile on the mascara. If you’re doing falsies, stick them on before you place mascara on the lashes. Make sure that you’re not applying mascara before you curl your lashes – it might cause your lashes to break and fall off.
  6. Remember to groom your brows as well – nothing destroys well-placed eye makeup than unruly, overgrown brows.

Natural look

  1. After applying your concealer and primer, choose earthy colors such as warm browns and gold for your eye shadow. Your liners must be in the same color family, such as deep browns, or if you want your eyes to look alive, you can opt for peach or light browns.
  2. Pat on the matte brown shadow to your mobile lid, and choose a slightly darker color for your cut-crease. The idea is to create a shadow on the crease. Blend the two colors until there is no demarcation line.
  3. If you have cool undertones, opt for a peachy highlighter for your brow-bone. If you have warm undertones, opt for highlighters in golden tones. Apply the highlighter on the brow-bone.
  4. Line your waterline with the light brown or peach eyeliner. You can opt for black eyeliner when tight-lining to make your lashes appear fuller and thicker.
  5. After tight-lining your upper lash line, grab your eyelash curler and curl your lashes. You can also use natural-looking false eyelashes if you have sparse eyelashes. If you are not, use dark brown mascara to make your lashes darker and thicker, without looking too dramatic. Brown mascara looks softer and less pronounced, but it will look very natural on you.