Some Tips to keep in Mind While Applying Nail Art

Date : 15 June 2016

1. Prep the Materials. You’ll need a small cup of water, a light-colored base polish, various other colors of polish, a cocktail stick, tape and polish remover.
2. Choose Your Colors. You can either do a variety of colors for a rainbow-like look or choose variations of the same tone, making for a more ombre-inspired look.
3. Create a Canvas. If you’re new to marbling, paint your nails a lighter color (should be lighter than the other colors you chose) to establish a good base and give something solid to which the polish can adhere. Make sure the color is totally dry before you continue.
4. Tape Your Fingers. To prevent having to do a major cleanup after the marbling, cover the skin around each nail with tape.
 5. Drip Polish in the Water. Take your small glass of water and add a drop of polish from the brush into it. Then, take another color and drop another droplet of that shade into the center of the other polish. Continue dropping polish into the glass of water, shade by shade.
 6. Get to Swirling. Use your cocktail stick to gently blend the colors together. You don’t want all the colors to run together and mix too much.
 7. Dip It Good. Here’s where the actual marbling happens: Take each finger and dip it slightly into the water so each nail just hits the surface. You should see a pattern transfer onto your nail. Pretty sweet, huh?
 8. Remove Your Tape. After your nails are totally, completely dry, gently lift off the tape. If you decided to skip the taping part, or some of the polish happened to seep through, clean up the residue around your finger with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.
 9. Top It Off. The most important step of any manicure is to put on that top coat. Give you’re newly marbled nails a good coat so you can show your digits off chip-free.