Here a few tips on how to repair your skin while sleeping

Date :13 Novemebr 2019

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We understand your concern about your beauty so we are providing you a few tips and tricks to take care of your skin while sleeping.

  • Use Active Ingredient: Using a specific active ingredient that is targeted to treat certain skin concerns is a must at night. Actives like salicylic acid, retinoids, glycolic acid, Vitamin C & E or any particular can do wonder to your skin if you use one at night consistently.
  • Thick Moisturizer: Apply a good amount of thick moisturizer at night that will make your skin softer and prevent it from getting dry at night. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, avoid thick moisturizer.
  • Double Cleanse: Your repair itself at night, so, it’s essential to take off all the pollution and dirt that out your skin accumulates during the day. Getting rid of all dirt and makeup, makes your skin feel fresh and prevent break out. It also allows your skincare products to penetrate better and work effectively.
  • Change Pillow Cases: Change pillowcases every once or twice a week, or else dirty pillowcases can cause you breakouts.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Lack of sleep can be easily seen on your face, so make sure to get a good night sleep, in order to stay and look fresh all day long.
  • Use Eye Cream: Applying an eye cream or any other light moisturizer can do wonders to your under the eye, as that area is very thin, so showing some extra care over there can be beneficial. If you have dark circles, use a product meant for it. If you don’t then use a basic light moisturizer to prevent wrinkles.
  • Try Sleeping Mask: Sleeping Mask is a huge rage, as they do what they promise. They repair and rejuvenate your skin throughout the night. You can try one, once in a while to see fantastic results the next morning.
  • Lip Balm: Taking care of your facial skin and neglecting your lips is a big no! Apply a thick layer of lip balm or lip mask and you’ll wake up with plump and moisturized lips.